Staff Augmentation

ATEM CORP Staff Augmentation can help you save time and money by scaling your IT staff to meet changing market demands. Our low-risk staffing solutions provide an efficient way to tackle IT initiatives and move complex projects. Our Two Guaranteed Delivery Program removes the risk associated with hiring new talent and gives you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve measurable results.

ATEM CORP Staff Augmentation can help you:
  • Find hand-picked, qualified contract employees with the appropriate skills and experience to help you grow with market demands
  • Trim staff painlessly and economically when demand slows
  • Locate highly qualified candidates for permanent hire
Our IT professionals are screened to meet your specific needs - across every skill set and in any discipline, including:
  • Web Development
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Business Analysis and Project Management
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Systems Analysis
  • System Administration
  • Technical Writing
  • Legacy Systems
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Help Desk and Technical Support

Co-Managed Staffing

Co-Managed Staffing is a Staffing Services Project delivery model that combines high quality of consulting services with the lower cost of staff augmentation. We provide a dedicated team of resources to deliver a project with our clients providing support. Essentially, a Global Engagement Manager is Onsite to closely monitor project progress, customized reporting and improved knowledge transfer and timely delivery.

Advantages of a Co-Managed Staffing include:
  • Fluctuating and seasonal workloads are met with well-screened and trained ATEM CORP professionals who match the project requirements.
  • Initiatives are completed by quick learners with a high level of attention to detail and working knowledge of the verticals or any domain.
  • Reliable employees from ATEM CORP are often awarded leadership roles, managing large programs from start to finish. Client managers can then focus more attention on strategic planning and new initiatives.
  • The stability of employing long-term professionals, along with fresh, new talent, among a large and diverse ATEM CORP’s talent pool allows the client to be prepared for seasonal fluctuations with proven experience and efficiency.

Project Delivery Staffing

Our expertise spans around Retail and Financial Services Domain. Project Staffing is one our core contract staffing service enhanced with additional features. Project Staffing addresses specific issues most important to our clients. We provide a cost-effective solution, in a fast time frame, accounting for maximum flexibility, while allowing our client to maintain control of the project. ATEM CORP will be responsible for the total recruitment, screening, interview and placement of all consultants on the project while the client maintains the day-to-day project management responsibilities.

ATEM CORP will provide:
  • Highly skilled, well trained, most qualified and experienced, field tested personnel
  • Thorough candidate screening and continuous performance monitoring
  • 15+ years of experience and global presence
  • Strong methodology and high quality commitment behind every project we take on
  • Professionalism and customer satisfaction at competitive rates
  • On Demand Professional Services

Offshore Staff Augmentation

ATEM CORP offers an exclusive range of services when it comes to providing Offshore IT recruitment with our facility at Chennai, India. We also offer additional support services from our Bangalore facility. You can choose from having a Dedicated Programmer, Dedicated Web Development team, Web Outsourcing, Project Based Staff and Project Maintenance Staff based on our infrastructure here in India who would work exclusively on your project.

Our Offshore IT Staffing Service provides access to the skills you need to grow your business allowing us to shoulder your technical responsibility at almost half the cost you would end up spending in comparison to the same team hired at your onsite facility. The dedicated team ensures to maintain real time communication with your working team which further contributes towards the success of the project.

ATEM CORP has a highly experienced and talented team of people who are prepared to offer practical solutions rather than just being simple task oriented resources for the clients they work. They have in-depth knowledge of the work domain and contribute towards the successful closure of the task assigned to them. Our dedicated team ensures that the turnaround time of the project is the least possible so that our client gets the desired benefit through faster time to market ratio.