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Network Storage

The explosion of data created by the businesses of today and the need to effectively manage data and the secured access to the same is making Network Storage systems a strategic investment priority for companies of all sizes. Network Storage systems can be described as a special-purpose high speed network on fiber optic cables that is used to interconnect Disk and or Tape storage devices with Servers to store/retrieve data and move the data between the Servers and the Storage devices

ATEM Corp. has implemented Network Storage systems at several customer locations to the address the following:

  • Address bandwidth bottlenecks associated with traditional LAN based server storage and the scalability limitations found with SCSI bus based implementations
  • Provide modular scalability, high-availability, increased fault tolerance and centralized storage management essential for an effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan
  • Provide server-less backup or 3rd Party Copying, allowing a disk storage device to copy data directly to a backup device across the high-speed links of the Network Storage systems without any intervention from a server. Data is kept on the Network Storage systems, which means the transfer does not pollute the LAN, and the server processing resources are still available to client systems