Services - Infrastructure Engineering

Infrastructure Administration

ATEM Corp. helps organizations with their network infrastructure to lay a critical foundation for an enterprise-wide business infrastructure enabling trouble free operations.

We work with the customer organization’s team to develop detailed deployment plans, including installation, configuration, integration, and management. Post planning, our infrastructure expert associates deliver onsite support for installation, configuration, testing, and tuning to help ensure the deployment integrates smoothly into the production environment. We provide the following Network Infrastructure expertise:

LAN/WAN, IP Telephony implementation
  • Campus Switched Network Design and Implementation
  • IP Telephony Assessment Practices
  • IP Telephony Design and Deployment
  • L2/L3 Quality of Service (QOS) Assessment and implementation
  • Voice Gateway Deployment and Toll-Bypass Design
  • Call Manager Deployment and Configuration
  • IPCC Call Center Application Deployment using IP Telephony Infrastructure
  • Frame-Relay, ATM, Leased Line, and Wireless Programming and Configuration
  • International Connectivity Configuration and Performance tuning

Network Security Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment using Industry Standard Tools like ISS RealSecure, Sniffers, Nessus, Nmap, Tcpdump
  • Assessment and Audit Report Services
  • Firewall Assessment Services
  • Assessment Custom Tools Development using Java, Perl, C, C++
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection System Development
  • IPS/IDS Deployment and Configuration
  • Network Admission Control (NAC) Implementation and Reporting

Network Security Engineering and implementation
  • Firewall Architecture and Design
  • Firewall Ingress and Egress Access Policy Design
  • Firewall On--GO Testing and Deployment
  • Corporate Remote Access and VPN Design and Implementation
  • Firewall Performance Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Site-Site VPN using Firewall Appliance and VPN Concentrators
  • Access Control System using AAA Features of IOS, PIX OS CAT OS and VPN
  • Content Filtering Solutions which include URL Filtering, Application Layer Filtering
  • Authentication using Digital Certificates, Secure Token ID, and other Hardware Token Systems
  • SSL VPN Design and Implementation
  • NAC Deployment and Monitoring

IT Security Audit and Compliance Management
  • HIPPA IT Security Compliance Assessment
  • SOX 404 IT Security Control Assessment and Fulfillment Services
  • Tools, API and Interface Development Services
  • Compliance Reporting Development, and Compliance Project Management