Services - Enterprise Business Application


Across every industry, the business environment is becoming more complex, fast-paced and unpredictable. Today's companies require the flexibility adapt on demand to stay ahead of the competition while ensuring at the same time their operations are efficient and resilient.

ATEM Corp. would help you leverage the potential of IBM WebSphere by delivering application infrastructure and integration to help you address key priorities in an on demand world like:

  • Ability to innovate quickly - flexible operating environment that can easily adapt to support companies' efforts to drive business growth
  • Increased productivity - tools to help companies streamline and extend business processes to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time and enhance the productivity of their employees
  • Improved business resilience - a reliable, high performance application infrastructure that supports the 24x7 operations of today's on demand world

One of the predominant middleware solutions that ATEM Corp. specializes is IBM WebSphere suite. IBM WebSphere delivers software solutions to help streamline operations and improve employee productivity with:

  • Portal software to help companies extend business processes, applications and information to new users
  • IBM Workplace solutions to improve the ability of people to interact with business applications and collaborate with other business constituents
  • Product Information Management software to help companies provide a single, integrated source of product information across the value chain
  • Commerce software to help companies automate and integrate online marketing and sales processes across multiple channels
  • Mobile and Speech solutions enabling the efficient delivery of applications and information to new users at anytime through a variety of devices