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ATEM Corp.’s BI experts have been helping organizations implement Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) solutions. We can help your organization reap the benefits of a robust BI solution. Oracle's set of business intelligence tools is the OBI Enterprise Edition (OBI EE), which can leverage a common BI Server providing a level of integration among the tools. Integration provided includes:

  • Common service-oriented architecture
  • Common data access services
  • Common analytic and calculation infrastructure
  • Common metadata management services
  • Common semantic business model
  • Common security model and user preferences
  • Common administration tools

OBI EE consists of several interdependent components:

Oracle BI Server : Analysis server providing a calculation and aggregation engine that integrates data from multiple relational, unstructured, OLAP, and other sources.

Oracle BI Answers : Ad-hoc query and analysis tool that processes the data from multiple data sources in a pure Web environment. Users are isolated from data structure complexity and they view and work with a logical view of the information. Users can create charts, pivot tables, reports, and dashboards. All of them are fully interactive. Analysis can be saved, shared, modified, formatted, or integrated in the user's personalized BI Dashboards.

Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards : Interactive Web architecture dashboards that display required information to help users' decision making. Access to the information is interactive and based on the individual's role and identity. The end user works with live reports, charts, tables, prompts, pivot tables, and graphics and the user also has full capability for modifying and interacting with these results. Dashboard can aggregate content from other sources./e.g., the Internet, shared file servers, and document repositories/ The content of the Dashboard pages can be saved into Briefing Book.

Oracle BI Delivers : Alerting tool that provides monitoring and alerting of business activity. They are reached via multiple channels such as email, dashboards, and mobile devices. It includes Web-based self-service portal where users can create and subscript alerts. Dashboard can initiate and pass contextual information to other alerts to execute multistep, multi-person, and multi-application analytical workflow. It can dynamically determine recipients and personalize content to reach right users at the right time and also with the right information.

Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics : Solution that offers BI Answers and Dashboards to mobile professionals on computers disconnected from the network. It provides the same intuitive interface for users whether they are working in a connected or disconnected mode.

Oracele BI Publisher : Reporting engine capable of generating reports from multiple data sources in multiple formats via multiple channels.

Oracle BI Briefing Books : Reports captured series of snapshots of Oracle BI Dashboards.