Our Android Development training will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience required to begin developing powerful mobile applications. Our instructors are both as skilled developers and trainers with a breadth of industry experience. Primer sessions in Java, JavaScript and HTML are available to participants with limited development backgrounds. As a part of this five week course, you will learn;

Week One
  • Understanding the Android Platform
  • The Android Development Environment
  • Anatomy of an Android Application
  • Understanding Android Platform Components
  • Getting accustomed to Android Setup
  • Using Android Simulators
  • Software Identification and Installation
Week Two
  • Android User Interface Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Activity Class
  • Life Cycle of an Activity
  • Android Layout
  • The Fragment Class
  • Introduction to Fragment Manager

Week Three
  • The Intent Class
  • Creating Intent Filters
  • Creating Broadcast Receivers
  • Listening to Broadcast Intents
  • Android Permissions and Manifest File
Week Four
  • In App Data Management
  • Networking
  • Introduction to AsyncTask
  • Threads
  • Handlers

Week Five
  • Android Content Provider
  • Demonstration of Content Provider
  • The Service Class
  • Android Services Illustrated